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TSL Outdoor, a human adventure

TSL OUTDOOR’s philosophies are friendliness, enthusiasm and respect for human values. Everyone in the company shares the same state of mind and the same motivation. Everyone acts in a completely open manner and has an acute sense of responsibilities. This collective approach is the driving force behind the company’s success. We are a team, a family dedicated to our customers, for whom we design and innovate in oder to meet their needs and requirements.



TSL Outdoor takes great pride in its manufacturing process

Since it was founded, TSL OUTDOOR has been concerned about sustainable development and makes its snowshoes in France.  Customers enjoy the benefit of our proximity and reactivity as we have total control over our production (from plastic injection to final assembly).


We’re competitive as a result of our know-how, modern production facilities and the innovative manufacturing processes developed by our team. Finally, the same winning formula (reactivity, proximity with the customer, awareness of needs) are reinforced for the North American continent via our two American and Canadian subsidiaries.





Eco-design consists of designing a product with consideration for the impact that every stage in its life cycle will have on the environment. TSL has always been concerned about the environmental protection. A responsible “good neighbour”, the company has a strong attachment to the natural environment in which it is privileged to operate. We therefore seek, from the initial design of the product, to optimize its environmental performance by minimizing its impact (consumption of materials, transport, usage, recycling, etc.).



A few examples:

All our TSL OUTDOOR sites are run on 100% renewable electricity. Since 2012, all our snowshoes are fitted with recycled polyester straps TSL OUTDOOR stocks a full range of interchangeable parts to provide a repair service throughout the product’s life. We pay particular attention to ensure that our product packagings have a useful function and are not simply thrown away. For example, the snowshoe bags have been designed for storing and carrying the product when not in use.

Eco-design means involving every part of the company in a transverse approach to achieve innovation and differentiation.




A love of innovation.

We’re a team of testers, developers, professionals, enthusiasts and outdoor lovers whose goal is excellence. We invent innovative concepts for all our products and design ingenious products to meet our customers’ needs.

TSL OUTDOOR has lodged over 60 patents worldwide.