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SYMBIOZ – A Natural Stride

TSL Hyperflex Snowshoes


The user always had to adapt hist stride to the structure and shape of the snowshoe. But take a moment to imagine the opposite. Imagine that the snowshoe has to adapt to your foot, your stride and the terrain you are walking on. Imagine that each step is unrestricted… Imagine lightness, grip and a totally natural foot movement during your winter walks… Imagine yourself quite simply in total symbiosis with nature.

We imagined it and created it… Remember the name: TSL SYMBIOZ.



Hyper-flexible and lightweight with an ergonomic binding, the Symbioz adapts to the unevenness of the terrain and provide an extraordinary traction. The inserts furnish elasticity and responsiveness and offer a real feeling of freedom.

For the first time, TSL designed a snowshoe containing reinforcements with an essential function for the effectiveness of the Hyperflex concept. The reinforcements support the product’s distortion constraints during walking and give the Symbioz its overall qualities: flexibility, rigidity, elasticity and light weight.


NEVER HAS A SNOWSHOE OFFERED SUCH OUTSTANDING GRIP. Combined with the vertical blades, the stainless steel bidirectional crampons placed under the foot give incredible traction (uphill), excellent grip (downhill) and perfect drift control (incline). The flexible frame follows the shape of the terrain, provides superb stability and complete safety to avoid sudden sliding in powder snow.

The front teeth provide maximum traction on steep slopes.

8 large independent claws in stainless steel for abrasion resistants (inspired by mountaineering crampons) are always located under the support points of the foot for all the shoe sizes, thus avoiding the loss of energy. They provide excellent traction [uphill], traction [downhill] and great sidehill grip [downhill slope] all the time during the trek.

The vertical blades provide superb traction and control on inclines or steep slopes in soft or compact snow.