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TSL snowshoes are specially designed to fit all terrains, from from the long forest walk to the steep mountain climb. TSL’s quality has made it the world leader in snowshoeing.


TSL offers a complete range of trekking, hiking, trail running and nordic walking poles. What makes TSL’s poles different is the innovation and the technology. TSL poles are specifically designed to empower your sport activities. With TSL poles, go further.


Backpacks, sleds, flasks, gaiters or a Just Smile to take your best selfie. All the little extras you need for your next snowshoeing hike, trek or Sunday outing.



TSL Hyperflex SnowshoesTSL began with the passion of a man who discovered snowshoeing in Canada in the early 80s and decided to bring it back to France. Then, another man, Philippe GALLAY, ski instructor and mountain guide in the heart of the French Alps noticed the pleasure his first customers had snowshoeing and saw a way to enjoy the mountains in winter. He was convinced of the product and decided to buy TSL in 1986. He then settled in his garage and started producing snowshoes in the evening with the help of a few friends. The snowshoes were first sold in a couple of stores around Philippe’s garage.


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